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M4PATCH allows specification of the patching at MarkIV stations. There are limited options so far - ASTRO and GEO1.

ASTRO is the default and has the odd numbered VCs on IF 1 (IFCHAN 1N and 1A) and even numbered VCs on IF 2 (IFCHAN 2N and 2A). Note that 1N and 2A are often connected to the same thing. Same for 2N and 1A. IF 3 is not used.

GEO1 is for a geodetic style patching. The pattern is:

        VCs 1-2    IF1 low  = 8180-8300 MHz
         "  3-4    IF1 high = 8300-8580 MHz
         "  5-8    IF3      = 8680-8980 or 8280-8580 MHz
         "  9-10   IF2 low  = 2120-2240 MHz
         "  11-14  IF2 high = 2240-2520 MHz

Craig Walker 2014-04-14