Naturalization Ceremony for Emmanuel Momjian and Mari Jananian at the EVLA.

Emmanuel Momjian is a member of the NRAO scientific staff who is from Syria. He and his wife Mari Jananian, also from Syria, became U.S. citizens in a ceremony held at the EVLA site on Sept. 21, 2011. The ceremony was conducted by Peter Rechkemmer and Patti JMK Reynolds of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. A large number of members of the NRAO staff and other friends attended. This is a selection of the photos that I took at the ceremony and the antenna tour given to Ms Reynolds afterward. I was sitting too close, with too long a lens mounted, to get much of the actual ceremony.

Click on the image for a screen size version. The "2000" and "full size" versions are larger (not available in web versions).

Miriam Hartman

Miller Goss, Pat Palmer, and Leonid Kogan.

Patti Reynolds of the USCIS

Peter Rechkemmer of the USCIS

Patti Reynolds administering the oath.

The new citizens.

Dale Frail giving a short talk