Unfortunately my name is both common, and confused by the fact that I normally, but not always, go by my middle name. The full name is Robert Craig Walker which has appeared with either or both initials and with "Craig" on various publications. I have not found a way to search for my publications and get all of them, but no extras published by other people with similar names. The first search below depends on both initials being present or on "Craig" being spelled out. It gets most. The other two links add something from the title of specific publication to narrow searches with just "R" or just "C" for the initial.

   Click here for an ADS search that finds most of my publications and provides links to electronic copies.

   There are a few publications under Walker, C. that cannot be picked up in a simple ADS search without picking up many publications by others with the same name. Click here for a targeted search that finds them. This search requires SGR A West, Quasat, or OB in the title.

   Likewise, there are some under Walker, R., a search on which would generate many results from the wrong person. Click here for a targeted search. This search requires M87, 3C273, or Maser in the title.

   Finally, there are a couple with my full name spelled out that can be found by clicking here.

   I have also written numerous NRAO memos that will not be found by ADS. Many can be found by following links from here.