This page has links that lead to essentially all of my publications. Rather than attempt to maintain a local list, I have utilized the tools maintained by ORCID, ADS, and the NRAO Library to generate the lists.


ORCID links:

I have claimed most of my publications under my ORCID ID (0000-0002-6710-6411). They can be found at the ORCID site or at this ADS link. Note that the ADS is the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System.


Old style ADS links:

Prior to the use of ORCID, I found a set of ADS links that would find my papers and not too many there were not mine. I include them below in case they are still useful. These use the old style ADS searches, while the above uses the new style. The problem is that my name is both common, and confused by the fact that I normally, but not always, go by my middle name. My full name is Robert Craig Walker which has appeared with either or both initials and with "Craig" or "Robert" on various publications. I have not found a way to search for my publications and get all of them, but no extras published by other people with similar names. But the set of links below seems to find most of my work.

   A search on "Walker, R C", "Walker, R Craig" and "Walker, Craig" finds most of my publications.

   A search on Walker, C with SGR A West, Quasat, or OB in the title picks up a few more without also showing results with other people of that name.

   A search on Walker, R. with M87, 3C273, or Maser in the title finds some more without the large number of returns for other Walker, R. authors.

   Finally, there are some with my full name spelled out ("Walker, Robert Craig") that can be found here.


NRAO Internal Memos:

I have also written numerous NRAO memos that will not be found by ADS. Most can be found at the NRAO library site at the following links:
VLBA Main Memo Series.
VLBA Scientific Memo Series.
VLBA Correlator Memo Series.
VLBA Electronics Memo Series.
VLBA Sensitivity Upgrade Memo Series.
VLBA Test Memo Series.
VLBA Coordinating Committee Memo Series.
VLA Scientific Memo Series.
VLA Scientific Memo Series.
ngVLA Scientific Memo Series.