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Office 322
Dept of Physics and Astronomy
San Jose State University
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I am currently an Assistant Professor at San Jose State University. On this webpage you can find information on my research and professional activities.

I am leading multiple collaborations to study the center of our Galaxy, using the exciting new capabilities of telescopes like ALMA and the Very Large Array to make unprecedented, high-resolution observations of the molecular gas content. These observations are allowing a new understanding of the temperature and density of gas and its relation to star formation in the nearest analog we have to a high-redshift galaxy, but with the sub-parsec-scale resolution that can never be achieved in those far-off systems.

As part of this work, I have independently mentored six undergraduate research students since 2014.

Outside of research, I have years of experience with community outreach and teaching at a K-12 and undergraduate level. Additionally, for the past two years I have led a summer student program designed to increase the representation of students from underserved populations in STEM fields.