Calibration Group Phone Telecon Meeting Minutes  -  2002Dec16

Attending: Butler, Conway, Guilloteau, Gurwell, Hills, Holdaway, Isaak,
  Lucas, Mangum, Myers, Pardo, Viallefond, Wilson, Wootten, Wright
  (apologies to anybody I missed...).


  - updated project book chapter
  - science examples, for setting specs
  - science IPT calibration milestones for 2003Q1


 - memo review status
   several commented on the fact that memo 423 was still lacking 
   reviews.  this is a real problem.  myers guaranteed that his review 
   would get done 'soon'.  mention of semi-transparent vane test plan 

 - project book chapter update
   butler reported that guilloteau had sent him a new version of the 
   project book.  it needs a bit of modification and then will be done 
   and put in to ALMAEDM.

 - science examples for driving cal. specs
   guilloteau related that he had 30 or so of these.  they are not
   arranged in any sensible way, however.  perhaps by the end of the
   year.  wilson has some additional ones.  wootten has some also,
   which are linked to the science IPT telecon agenda.  apparently,
   bandpass and polarization are covered well, but others are not
   (because that was what was asked for).

 - milestones
   long discussions of specific milestones.  see updated milestone
   list (draft version 5).  pardo related that he will not be able to
   give ALMA support because of not getting a permanent position at
   his institute.  this will significantly hamper ATM effort, and could
   jeopardize it entirely.  serious problem.  myers related that he
   has little time for ALMA duties given new position as AIPS++ project
   scientist.  this is a serious problem for polarization calibration
   effort.  butler perceives the following as 'problem' milestones:
   B.1; B.2; C.2.b; C.3.a; C.3.a.ii; C.3.a.iii; C.3.c; C.5; D.1.

dutifully scribed by bjb.  2002Dec16 (transcribed 2003Feb05)