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Bryan Butler's ALMA Week 2003 Calibration Session Stuff - Presentations

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Amplitude Calibration

Bryan Butler Introduction PDF PPT
Jack Welch Tests of Dual-Load System
Jesus Martin-Pintado Tests of Semi-Transparent Vane System PDF
Stephane Guilloteau New Grid System I
James Lamb New Grid System II PDF
Jack Welch New Absolute Scheme I PPT
Stephane Guilloteau New Absolute Scheme II
Larry D'Addario Receiver Gain Stability ALMA Memo 466

Phase Calibration

Al Wootten Introduction PDF PPT
Mark Holdaway Fast Switching PDF

Bandpass Calibration

Stephane Guilloteau All

Polarization Calibration

Bryan Butler All PDF PPT


Tetsuo Hasegawa All PDF PPT

Bryan Butler
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