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Here should be background info (and a picture :)...

The Members (from some programs and memory, I'm sure some are missing!)

Sopranos: Tenors:
Helen Johnston Neill Reid
Rachel Shinn (now Rachel Baker) Donnie Cotter
Barbara Wyslouzil Bryan Butler
Jen Blank
Beth McKenney (anybody know where she is now?)
Altos: Basses:
Cathy Hayes (anybody know where she is now?) Joel Schwartz
Chris Wilson
Chris Tinney
Jamie Schlessman Roger Wagner (anybody know where he is now?)
Howard Chu

Repertoire (again, from programs, recordings, and memory, and, again, I'm sure some are missing!)

Richt soir opprest Anonymous
Dindirin, dindirin Anonymous
Weep, O mine eyes John Bennet
Look down, O Lord William Byrd
Mass For Four Voices William Byrd
La la la, je ne l'ose dire Peirre Certon
All ye who music love Balthazar Donato
Can she excuse John Dowland
When Phoebus first John Dowland
Say Love John Dowland
Fine knacks for ladies John Dowland
Me, me and none but me John Dowland
Go, crystal tears John Dowland
Come again, come sweet love John Dowland
Rest awhile, you cruel cares John Dowland
Come away, come, sweet love John Dowland
What if I never speed John Dowland
What poor astronomers John Dowland
Poor is the life Michael East
Fair Phyllis I saw John Farmer
The silver swan Orlando Gibbons
Hellas mon Dieu ton ire Clement Janequin
Bonjour mon coeur Orlando de Lassus
Matona, mia cara Orlando de Lassus
Mon coeur se recommande a vous Orlando de Lassus
Osculetur me Orlando de Lassus
Si ch'io vorrei morire Claudio Monteverdi
Non piu guerra, pietate Claudio Monteverdi
Anima del cor mio Claudio Monteverdi
Ecco mormorar l'onde Claudio Monteverdi
Lasciate mi morire Claudio Monteverdi
April is in my Mistris' face Thomas Morley
Fyer, fyer Thomas Morley
Sicut cervus desiderat Giovanni Perluigi de Palestrina
Tu es Petrus Giovanni Perluigi de Palestrina
Il est bel et bon Pierre Passereau
El grillo Josquin des Pres
If ye love Me, keep My commandments Thomas Tallis
Jesu dulcis memoria Tomas Luis de Victoria
Missa O Magnum Mysterium Tomas Luis de Victoria

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