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VLBA antenna
Very Long Baseline Array
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Data Analysts

P.O. Box O
1003 Lopezville Road
Socorro, NM 87801-0387
FAX: 575-835-7027
VLA antenna
Very Large Array
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We check over VLBA observe files before observation;  write correlation scripts for VLBA projects, and check the VLBA data quality after correlation.  We also enter data into the online archive

Here is the new Analysts' VLBA Correlation Tasks Manual. It is useful, but still under construction.

It is also available in pdf format at Analysts' VLBA Correlation Tasks Manual.

V L A links:
Wrap Card
Analysts' VLA Tool Page
EVLA progress
Art Gallery
V L B A links:
SCHED users manual
Dynamic Queue
VLBA Fringe-Finder Survey
Analysts' VLBA Tool Page
VLBA System Monitoring
VLBI Vlbiobs directories
General information:
Basic Data Retrieval Tool
EVN Feedback session
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                                      Analysts are actually people:

Meri Stanley, Lead Analyst (575) 835-7238
Anthony Sowinski (575) 835-7359

last updated: May 8, 2018

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