VLA Calibrator models for frequencies below U-band

These are CLEAN component models for the main primary flux calibrators used by the VLA. These can be loaded into AIPS and used in the task CALIB, or if you have a recent version of AIPS (31DEC05 or later) then you can use tasks CALDIR and CALRD to find and load these and other models. More models will be added with time so either check back here or get on the AIPS midnight job so you will always have the most recent models. For more information see the AIPS Cookbook. For U-band and higher see Claire Chandlers web page, although these are also available in the 31DEC04 version of AIPS .

  1. 3C48 (0137+331)
  2. 3C286 (1331+305)
  3. 3C138 (0521+166)
  4. 3C147 (0542+498)

*Includes confusing sources, also 50 MHz bandwidth, so for larger arrays, confusing sources are bandwidth smeared.

** This model is new as of October 3, 2008. There were was a problem with the previous model that caused large closure errors on the long baselines of A-array data.

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Last updated 17 November 2008.