VLBARUN output for:BL193.UVAVG.1

User number =194

Instrumental Phase Cals

Bandpass solutions

CL table after ACSCL

CL table after APCAL

Phase, delay, rate in CL table after FRING

Phases of phase calibrator(s) with last CL table applied

Final UVPLTS and Images

Summary of the CL tables produced by VLBARUN:

CL#1: Input CL table
CL#2: EOP correction added
CL#3: Sampler correction added
CL#4: Instr. Phase-cal correction added
CL#5: Post-BPASS sampler corr added
CL#6: Gain amplitude correction added
CL#7: Parallactic angle correction added
CL#8: Fringe fit added (final table)