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mpifxcorr Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ConfigurationStores all information provided in the input file that controls the correlation
CoreAccepts messages containing raw data, does the correlation, and sends off visibilities
DataStreamLoads data into memory from a disk or network connection, calculates geometric delays and sends data to Cores
DataStream::readinfoStructure which maintains all information necessary for a segment of the databuffer, including the configuration parameters for that time interval and the MPI requests for the non-blocking communications that originated in this segment
FxManagerOne object of this class manages the correlation
LBAModeA mode for 'standard' LBA 2 bit data
Mk5DataStreamDatastream which can handle Mk5 formatted data
Mk5ModeA mode for Mk4 formatted or VLBA formatted Mk5 data
ModeAbstract superclass for all modes. Provides station-based processing functionality
PolycoProvides pulse phase prediction for a given pulsar at a given time
UvwContainer class for geometric model information
VisibilityStores all baselines visibilities and autocorrelations for one time integration

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