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                                                           19 July 2001

                 E V L A   P L A N N I N G   W O R K S H O P :

               D E F I N I N G   T H E   S E C O N D   P H A S E

                  Socorro, New Mexico, USA,  23-25 August 2001

                     S E C O N D   A N N O U N C E M E N T



  If you receive this e-mail, you have registered for the conference;
    however, we still need some additional information (see below).

  If you are registered but are NOT coming, please send e-mail ASAP to 
    evla2plan@aoc.nrao.edu !!


This is the second announcement for the EVLA Planning Workshop: Defining
the Second Phase, to be held in Socorro, New Mexico, on 23-25 August 2001.  

This announcement contains general information on the meeting, and a
request for further information from you.

This announcement and all forms can be accessed on the Internet either on
the Web or via anonymous ftp.
  * On the Web: the Workshop home page is


  * Using anonymous FTP: the site is 

    or simply ftp ftp.aoc.nrao.edu, then cd pub/staff/evla2plan .


  With the first phase of the VLA Expansion Project now approved for further
  planning, design and development, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory
  will host an open workshop in Socorro on 23-25 August 2001, to define more
  clearly the second phase of the project.  As currently envisioned, Phase II 
  is aimed primarily at a factor 10 increase in the spatial resolution of the 
  VLA, providing few-milliarcsecond images even of thermal sources, and tying
  the VLA and the VLBA together to give superb sensitivity and imaging
  capability on still smaller scales.  Other goals include an expansion to 
  lower frequencies (say, 300-1000 MHz) and a super-compact `E' configuration 
  for maximum surface brightness sensitivity.  None of these goals is fixed, 
  and neither are the means for reaching them.  We want the community's help in
  deciding where to focus our efforts.  The workshop will include both
  technical and scientific discussions, to develop a comprehensive vision of 
  the future of the EVLA, and its place in global radio astronomical 
  development over the next several decades.


   3aug01   Deadline for registration
            Deadline for follow-up forms (for those registered before 20
              July 2001)

   8aug01   Deadline for (blocked) motel reservations

  23aug01   First day of meeting

  25aug01   Last day of meeting

  31aug01   Working group reports due at NRAO


  Thursday: Background Material
    The first day focuses on background material, presenting the project as
    currently conceived and various options under consideration, and 
    discussing the connections between the EVLA and other (current or
    proposed) radio telescopes. The presentations will be relatively brief, 
    as we plan to have a fair amount on the Web ahead of time; the idea is to 
    leave lots of room for discussion and other ideas. This may easily spill 
    into the second day. 

  Friday: Discussion Groups
    On Friday we'll split up into various scientific working groups to discuss
    the list of questions we hope this workshop will answer (or at least
    seriously address).  This list is available on the conference Web site,
    and a "fill in your answer" form will soon be added.  We're hoping each 
    group will produce a written set of answers, with suggestions as to what 
    further technical and/or scientific work is needed in each area. 

  Saturday: Group Reports and Summary
    The groups will present their reports on Saturday, and we'll then try to
    summarize the consensus on each of the discussion issues. Finally, there 
    will be an open discussion on strategies for defining, funding, and
    building EVLA Phase II, and on its role in astronomy over the coming 

  A more detailed program is available on the Web.


  Although you or someone you know may not be able to come to this, we are
  still very interested in your input.  Apart from direct e-mails to the
  chair of the SOC (Michael Rupen; mrupen@nrao.edu -- they will be forwarded
  to the proper people), there are several avenues for your input:
    * check out the background material available at the conference Web
      site (under very active development)
    * read and answer the list of discussion questions available on the Web.
      This will shortly be made into a Web-based form for easy submission.
    * volunteer for one of the Scientific Working Groups listed on the Web,
      and forward your ideas to the relevant chair people (soon to be
    * sign up for and join in the discussion on the EVLA planning discussion
      group (e-mail), by pointing your Web browser at

  Please fill out the follow-up form, appended below as an ASCII file,
  and available for submission as a Web form at
  This requests details on your travel plans and dietary restrictions,
  as well as asking which Scientific Working Groups you would be interested
  to serve on.
  DEADLINE for follow-up form:  *** 3 AUGUST 2001 ***


  Michael Rupen (NRAO/Socorro), chair
  Chris Carilli (NRAO/Socorro)
  John Hibbard (NRAO/Charlottesville)
  Frazer Owen (NRAO/Socorro)
  Luis Rodriguez (UNAM)
  Craig Walker (NRAO/Socorro)

  Michael Rupen (mrupen@nrao.edu), Eric Greisen, Skip Lagoyda, Terry Romero, 
  Gustaaf van Moorsel, Joan Wrobel


  There is no registration fee.

  Please check with your local US embassy or consulate about visa
  requirements.  If you need a supporting letter from us, please request one
  via e-mail to evla2plan@aoc.nrao.edu.


  NRAO will provide complimentary breakfasts and lunches to all participants,
  as well as the conference dinner on Thursday night.


  Information on lodging and ground transportation may be found on the
  conference Web site.  Participants are responsible for making their
  own housing and rental car reservations; limited NRAO transportation
  will be available (see the Web).  People outside the US may contact
  Terry Romero (tromero@nrao.edu; 505/835-7315) for assistance.


  Terminals and workstations will be available during daytime and evening
  hours for accessing e-mail and the World Wide Web.  We will also set up
  a guest account for preparing and printing small LaTeX or TeX documents 
  and for FTPing small files.  A FAX machine will also be available.

  If you would like to reduce data during the week of the meeting, or if you
  want to extend your stay to reduce data before or after the meeting, you
  must make independent arrangements for a data reduction visit.  Please
  see the VLA or VLBA Observational Status Summaries for details, or
  simply fill out the appropriate reservation form on the Web, at 


  We plan to distribute copies of all overheads to the participants at the
  conference, as well as some ancillary materials.  The Scientific Working
  Groups will submit written reports shortly after the meeting, probably
  through a Web-based form.  In any case those reports will then be put on
  the Web.


  Updated meeting information will be made available on the conference home
  page on the World-Wide Web:

  All further questions should be sent by e-mail to evla2plan@nrao.edu, or
  FAXed to EVLA Planning Workshop, c/o Ms. Terry Romero, at 505/835-7027.


We look forward to seeing you!

     -- Michael Rupen (mrupen@nrao.edu), on behalf of the Scientific and 
        Local Organizing Committees


                       EVLA PHASE II PLANNING WORKSHOP

                 Socorro, New Mexico, USA,  23-25 August 2001

                         F O L L O W - U P   F O R M

DEADLINE:  3 August 2001

Please either
   (1) fill in the Web form, accessible from
or (2) fill out the following and
      (a) email to evla2plan@nrao.edu
   or (b) FAX to Ms. Terry Romero, at +1-505-835-7027 (voice: +1-505-835-7000)
   or (c) send by paper mail to
          EVLA Phase II Planning Workshop
          c/o Ms. Terry Romero
          P.O. Box O
          1003 Lopezville Road
          Socorro, NM  87801

  Name: ______________________________________________
  E-mail address: ____________________________________________

  ***Please fill out this section only if you did NOT do so on your original
    registration form.***

  NRAO will provide limited transport between the Albuquerque International
  Airport and various hotels in Socorro. The current plan is for the main bus 
  to leave the airport at 
     7:30pm on Wednesday 22aug01,
  with a smaller `sweeper' van leaving at 
    10:00pm on Wednesday 22aug01
  to collect those whose flights are delayed. For the return trip, we plan a
  single bus leaving Socorro at 
    10:00am on Sunday 26aug01.
  We may change these slightly to accommodate the actual arrival and departure 
  times of our guests. To do so we need to know your travel plans and whether 
  you would like to use this service. 

  If you do not know your travel plans at this time then skip this
  section, but please pass them on to us once they are known, preferably
  via e-mail to evla2plan@nrao.edu.
                                   Arrival             Departure
                   Flight date         
                   Flight time
                   Flight number
    I will use NRAO bus transport:  ___                  ___
  I will use a commercial shuttle:  ___                  ___
          I will use a rental car:           ____
    I will use my private vehicle:           ____

  Note that you are responsible for reserving your own rental car, if

  If you have special dietary requirements, especially for the conference
  dinner, please specify them: 

  If you would like to bring one or more guests to the conference dinner,
  please list them here:
    Number of guests ____________

  We can readily provide ~10 ports for connecting portable computers to the
  internet; more than that is possible, but would require some preparation. 
  Will you need to a port for connecting your portable computer to the
  internet during the conference?
      ____  Yes 
      ____  No 

  The heart of this workshop will be the discussions of the scientific
  working groups, which we hope will address a variety of technical, 
  scientific, and procedural questions, listed on the Web. We would like to 
  know which of these group(s) you would be interested in working with, so we 
  can pass your name on to the relevant chair people, who may wish to get in
  touch with you ahead of time. (We will post the names of those chairs as
  soon as they are known.) 

    ____   Active Galactic Nuclei & jets
             (includes source counts and evolution based on continuum
    ____   Large-scale and high-redshift science
             (includes galaxy clusters, red-shifted CO, etc.) 
    ____   Extraglactic spectroscopy and the evolution of gas in galaxies
             (includes HI, radio recombination lines, etc., both local and
             at moderate redshifts) 
    ____   Milky Way
             (includes scintillation & pulsars, but NOT stars, X-ray
             binaries, planets, or star formation) 
    ____   Star formation and planets
             (includes planets in our solar system) 
    ____   Stars, the Sun, and transient sources
             (includes black hole & neutron star binaries, supernovae, GRBs,


  Please use this space to tell us about any aspects of the Phase II plan
  which you feel should be changed or enhanced. Also, please list any special
  topics you would like to hear discussed.  We will use this to help plan the 
  workshop sessions and discussion groups, so your feedback is very important! 



Last modified 21 July 2001