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VLA Expansion Project

EVLA Planning Workshop:
Defining the Second Phase


Scientific Working Groups

The heart of the conference was the discussions of the scientific working groups, which addressed a variety of technical, scientific, and procedural questions. The goal was for each group to produce a written summary of answers, by the end of the meeting.

Group Chair
Active Galactic Nuclei & jets Greg Taylor
     (includes source counts and evolution based on continuum observations) gtaylor@nrao.edu
     Report (.PPT [1.1M]; (gzip'd postscript [8.7M])
     Answers (gzip'd postscript [ 39K])
Large-scale and high-redshift science Bruce Partridge
     (includes galaxy clusters, red-shifted CO, etc.) bpartrid@haverford.edu
Extraglactic spectroscopy and the evolution of gas in galaxies Jacqueline van Gorkom
     (includes HI, radio recombination lines, etc., both local and at moderate redshifts) jvangork@astro.columbia.edu
     Answers (gzip'd postscript [ 40K])
     Working group= Hector Bravo-Alfaro, Elias Brinks, Peter Dewdney, Ron Ekers, Eric Greisen, John Hibbard, Dave Hogg, Harvey Liszt, Colin Lonsdale, Alison Peck, Jacqueline van Gorkom
Milky Way Mark Reid
     (includes scintillation & pulsars, but NOT stars, X-ray binaries, planets, or star formation) reid@cfa.harvard.edu
     Answers (gzip'd postscript [ 30K])
Star formation and planets Luis Rodriguez
     (includes planets in our solar system) luisfr@astrosmo.unam.mx
     Answers (gzip'd postscript [ 30K])
     Captions (for following figures)
     Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, Fig. 4 (gzip'd postscript [618K; 19K; 16K; 37K])
     Working group= William Andersen, Guillem Anglada, Bryan Butler, Claire Chandler, Ed Churchwell, Mark Claussen, James Moran, Luis F. Rodriguez, Debra Shepherd
Stars, the Sun, and transient sources Russ Taylor
     (includes black hole & neutron star binaries, supernovae, GRBs, etc.) russ@ras.ucalgary.ca
(.PPT [1.3M])
(gzip'd postscript [2.2M])

Last modified 26 September 2001