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VLA Expansion Project

EVLA Planning Workshop:
Defining the Second Phase


Kids in Socorro

Childcare in Socorro

Socorro is a small town with about 10,000 residents; unfortunately this means there is little in the way of childcare, especially for babies. Various local baby-sitters may be available on an individual basis. None in Socorro are bonded or insured, and we cannot make any guarantees about any of them: these are simply towns-folk who have looked after various NRAO kids in the past. Again, please contact Michael Rupen (mrupen@nrao.edu; 505/835-7248) if you would like some names and phone numbers.

Putting together a more formal program of daycare for workshops like this is unfortunately not economical, since it's 75 miles to the nearest large city, and past experience suggests there would be a small number of people looking for daycare to cover a large range of childrens' ages.

Activities for Kids in Socorro

This is only a partial list, for kids of various ages. See also the Socorro and New Mexico links on the Local Information page.

Nature Preserves and National Parks:
...all are open basically dawn to dusk, daily.
Parks in Socorro:
Library: 401 Park St., 835-1114
Children's Story hour: Wed., Thurs. at 10:30am


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