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First Announcement:

                             EVLA PLANNING WORKSHOP:  
                            DEFINING THE SECOND PHASE
                                Socorro, NM  USA
                               23-25 August 2001


  With the first phase of the VLA Expansion Project now approved for further
planning, design and development, the NRAO will host an open workshop in 
Socorro on 23-25 August 2001, to define more clearly the second phase of the 
project.  As currently envisioned, Phase II is aimed primarily at a factor 10 
increase in the spatial resolution of the VLA, providing few-milliarcsecond 
images even of thermal sources, and tying the VLA and the VLBA together to give 
superb sensitivity and imaging capability on still smaller scales.  Other 
goals include an expansion to lower frequencies (say, 300-1000 MHz) and a
super-compact `E' configuration for maximum surface brightness sensitivity.
None of these goals is fixed, and neither are the means for reaching them. 
We want the community's help in deciding where to focus our efforts.  The
workshop will include both technical and scientific discussions, to develop a
comprehensive vision of the future of the EVLA, and its place in global radio
astronomical development over the next several decades.   We're limited to
about 100 people, so please register early!  Registration and other
information may be obtained via the workshop Web site


or by sending email to evla2plan@nrao.edu.

                                    Michael Rupen
                                    Rick Perley, EVLA Project Scientist
                                    Peter Napier, EVLA Project Manager


Last modified 19 July 2001