Review of SSS Readiness for EVLA Shared Risk Observing

June 5, 2009
Socorro, NM

Review Committee:
Brian Glendenning
Gareth Hunt (chair)
Joe Mohr

Charge to the Review Committee:
  1. Are the detailed scientific and technical requirements for SSS software for SRO complete and adequate?
  2. Will the design selected for implementation meet the requirements?
  3. If there are interfaces between software tools and to any other EVLA subsystem, are they defined adequately and completely?
  4. Has adequate attention been given to how the software tools will be produced and maintained?
  5. Is the schedule for the delivery of the software tools for SRO understood, properly resourced, and achievable?

Review Comittee Report

Reading Materials:
  1. OSRO and RSRO descriptions.
  2. E2E Requirements Document
  3. E2E Requirements Spreadsheet
  4. Overall Architecture Document
  5. EVLA Science Operations Targets
  6. SSS Software Documentation (external) (internal)
  7. SSS build policy and build process documents
  8. Proposal Tool (PST)
  9. PST User Manual
  10. Observation Preparation Tool (OPT) (test) (production)
  11. Source Catalog Tool (SCT) (test) (production)
  12. OPT / SCT / RCT User Manual (a work in progress)
  13. User Database Requirements
  14. Scheduler Document
  15. Issue Tracking
    1. JIRA (requires account)
    2. Users' Wish List
    3. Mapping of Wish List to JIRA Issues

The external set of documents is a snapshot of the internal set taken on May 28, 2009.
  The internal link is to a living set of documents.

Charge to the Committee (M. McKinnon) PPT PDF
Shared Risk Observing (Chandler) PPT PDF
Overview of Science Support Systems (Butler) PPT PDF
Overall Design of SSS Software (Harland) PPT PDF
Proposal Submission (Butler) PPT PDF
Observation Preparation (Harland) PPT PDF
Observation Scheduling (Butler) PPT PDF
Archive Access (Benson) PPT PDF
Group Management (Butler) PPT PDF
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