NRAO DSOC Wednesday Lunch Series

Wednesday Lunch is a rather informal lunchtime get-together with pizza to hear visitors' results as well as what staff are doing. If you or one of your visitors would like to speak at Wednesday Lunch, please contact Chris Hales (username chales) at

Wednesday Lunch is held in the auditorium of the NRAO Pete V. Domenici Science Operations Center in Socorro, New Mexico from noon until 1:00 PM unless indicated in red.

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Wednesday Lunch Schedule 2015

07 Jan. 2015
No Lunch Talk (Happy AAS!)
14 Jan. 2015
Seppo Laine (Spitzer/Caltech): The Spitzer Space Telescope: Past, Present, and Future
21 Jan. 2015
Erik Rosolowsky (U. Alberta): CO Line Ratios in Nearby Galaxies
Sanch Borthakur (Johns Hopkins): Small-scale Properties of Atomic Gas in Extended Disks of Galaxies
28 Jan. 2015
Erik Madsen (McGill): CHIME as a Fast Radio Burst Detector
04 Feb. 2015
Anthony Remijan (NRAO): ALMA Extension and Optimization of Capability - from HL Tau to Cycle 4
11 Feb. 2015
Bill Cotton (NRAO): Deep Images and Source Counts: Adventures in the Lockman Hole
18 Feb. 2015
David Roberts (Brandeis): X-Shaped Radio Galaxies and the Gravitational Wave Background
25 Feb. 2015
Adam Deller (ASTRON): PSR J1745-2900: an enigmatic clue to the Galactic Center riddle
Judy Stanley (NRAO): Results of a VLA Photo Project
03 Mar. 2015
Rogier Windhorst (Arizona State): How will the James Webb Space Telescope measure First Light, Reionization, and Galaxy Assembly: New Frontier after Hubble
Randall Wayth (Curtin): GLEAM: The GaLactic and Extragalactic All-sky MWA survey
(Note change in date!)
11 Mar. 2015
Onkabetse Sengate (U. of KwaZulu-Natal): Using JVLA to remove CMB foregrounds
Mark Morris (UCLA): Sagittarius A East: A Very Instructive Supernova Remnant
18 Mar. 2015
Diego Muñoz (Cornell U.): Survival of planets around shrinking stellar binaries
Iris Santiago-Bautista (U. de Guanajuato): A Search for Giant Radio Galaxies using radio and optical surveys, and our own follow-up
25 Mar. 2015
Bob Dickman (NRAO): What is the CDL Up To These Days?
01 Apr. 2015
Rick Perley (NRAO): VLA Antenna Beams: The good, the bad, and the really ugly!
08 Apr. 2015
No Lunch Talk (Happy Postdoc Symposium!)
15 Apr. 2015
Olga Bayandina (Lebedev Physical Institute): An OH Survey in the Direction of Class I Methanol Masers
Leah Morabito (U. of Leiden): Carbon Radio Recombination Lines in M82 with P-band
22 Apr. 2015
Greg Taylor (UNM): The Long Wavelength Array: Science, Construction and the Future
Miguel Quejereta (MPIA): Stellar masses and gas motions in nearby galaxies
29 Apr. 2015
Youngmin Seo (U. of Arizona): An Ammonia Spectral Map of the L1495-B218 Filaments in the Taurus Molecular Cloud : 1. Physical Properties of Filaments and Dense Cores
Yancy Shirley (U. of Arizona): Evidence for Mass Growth in Massive Starless Clumps
06 May 2015
Nissim Kanekar (NCRA): The gas mass of star-forming galaxies at z~1.3
13 May 2015
Henrique Schmitt (NRL): Optical Interferometry and the Imaging of Geostationary Satellites
20 May 2015
Miller Goss (NRAO): Found- the original copies of the first radio astronomy observations in Australia - October 1945
27 May 2015
Kristina Nyland (ASTRON): Adventures with LOFAR: Exploring Radio AGNs at Low Frequencies
Mark McKinnon (NRAO): An Overview of the Dish Consortium in SKA
3 June 2015
Huib Intema (NRAO): (Re)processing of the 37,000 square degree GMRT 150 MHz sky survey
10 June 2015
No Lunch Talk
17 June 2015
Everyone (NRAO+Friends) Introductions: Job, Science Interests and Hobbies
24 June 2015
Preshanth Jagannathan (NRAO): Off-Axis Direction Dependent Polarization Effects, Corrections and Imaging Limits
Steven Spangler (U. Iowa): Magnetic Fields in HII Regions
1 July 2015
Tania Burchell (NRAO): NRAO-Socorro Diversity Series Talk #1
8 July 2015
Mayuri Rao (RRI): On the Detection of Spectral Ripples from the Recombination Epoch
Tracy Clarke (NRL) Current Status and First Results from the VLITE Ionospheric and Transient Experiment
15 July 2015
Adam Ginsburg (ESO): Dense gas temperatures in the central molecular zone is not driven by photons
22 July 2015
Nicholas Hunt-Walker (U. of Washington) Characterizing Galactic AGB Stars with WISE
29 July 2015
Summer Student Talks: Part I
Jennifer Hamblin (U. of Nebraska): Jet Structure in Periodic Variable Blazar J1359+4011
Kevin Gima (U. of Maryland): Circumnuclear disk and Sagittarius A*
Joseph Sink (U. of Iowa): 4-8 GHz Synoptic Survey of the COSMOS Field Using the JVLA
5 August 2015
Fred Davies (UCLA/MPIA): The Fluctuating Intergalactic Ionizing Background at z>5
Summer Student Talks: Part II
Elizabeth Gutierrez (Villanova U.): The spatial distribution of large and small grains in transitional disks
Antonio Porras (UNC): In Search of Binary Supermassive Black Holes
12 August 2015
Summer Student Talks: Part III
Anna Schonwald (Earlham): Atmospheric Dynamics on Uranus at millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths
Rick Cosentino (NM Tech): 2cm Emission from Jupiter
19 August 2015
Summer Student Talks: Part IV
Adria Peterkin (Howard): A summer in the midst of the stars
Bridget McEwen (UNM): 44 (&36) GHz Methanol Maser Survey of the Galactic Center
Thomas Krichbaum (MPIfR): Global Millimeter VLBI: Imaging AGN with highest spatial resolution
26 August 2015
Summer Student Talks: Part V
Gareth Jones (NM Tech): New Constraints on Molecular Gas in HyLIRGs
Matthew Rickert (Northwestern): Surveying Water and Methanol Masers in the Central Molecular Zone
2 September 2015
Fabian Walter (MPIA): ALMA resolves the molecular gas outflow in the nearby starburst galaxy NGC 253
Summer Student Talks: Part VI
Tierra Candelaria (NMT): Temperatures of Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Center
Christopher Bochenek (U. Chicago): Shedding Light on the Eclipses of PSR 1748-2446A
9 September 2015
Kate Chow (CASS): The latest from ASKAP and the SKA in Australia
Eva Schinnerer (MPIA): Where is star formation triggered in spiral arms?
16 September 2015
No Lunch Talk
23 September 2015
Douglas Bock (CASS): Happenings in Radio Astronomy Down Under
Daniel Hayden (SKA): Collaborative Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in the SKA project
30 September 2015
Gloria Dubner (IAFE): Recent investigations on Galactic supernova remnants
Huib Jan van Langevelde (JIVE): Measuring magnetic fields with methanol masers
Casey Law (Berkeley): Realfast: The latest on the VLA real-time, fast transient search system
7 October 2015
Luis Henry Quiroga Nuñez (Leiden): Simulating data for the BeSSeL (Bar and Spiral Structure Legacy Survey) VLBA Key Science project
Mark Gorski (UNM/NRAO): Molecular Gas and the Nuclear Starburst in NGC 253
14 October 2015
Josh Marvil (CASS): ASKAP early science and the EMU survey
21 October 2015
Michael Wise (ASTRON): The Cygnus A Deep Multi-wavelength Campaign: AGN Feedback from 1 kpc to 1 Mpc
André Offringa (ASTRON): Steps towards observing the Epoch of Reionization: RFI detection and imaging techniques
28 October 2015
Jan Forbrich (CfA): Radio Orion: a new deep centimeter radio look at the Orion Nebula Cluster
Rick Perley (NRAO): Summary of Imaging Workshop
4 November 2015
No Lunch Talk (New Mexico Symposium is on Friday 6 November)
11 November 2015
No Lunch Talk (Veterans Day)
18 November 2015
Jennifer Schober (NORDITA): On the origin and evolution of galactic magnetic fields
Tim Hankins (NMT): Radio pulses from the Crab: Where do they come from?
25 November 2015
Joseph Callingham (U. Sydney): Dying Young and Frustrated: An MWA Study of Gigahertz-Peaked Spectrum Sources
Carolina Rodríguez Garza (UNAM): A survey of methanol masers in massive star-forming regions
2 December 2015
Karen Olsen (ASU): Simulating [CII] emission: Results for z=2 main sequence galaxies
9 December 2015
No Lunch Talk
16 December 2015

23 December 2015

30 December 2015

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