Transportation To/from Socorro

The bus schedule has changed!!!!!

Note: We must have your travel (including hotel/motel) information for you to use the NRAO transportation. Please fill out this a form if you did not provide the info while registering.

NRAO will provide transport between Albuquerque Airport and Socorro. The times of these buses were set to best match the flight arrival times of the workshop participants. The current schedule is:
  • MON, 9 June 2008: Leave airport at: 3:00 pm, 6:30 and 11:00 pm.
  • There will be a "sweeper" van which will pick up people who arrive after 11:00pm.
  • We will have greeters at the Albuquerque airport. PLEASE CONTACT A GREETER WHEN YOU ARRIVE if you have requested NRAO transportation. The greeter has a list of people that need to be picked up, if you arrange other transportation, please tell the greeter. The greeter will be on the baggage claim level, near the escalators. Look for an NRAO sign. Eric Greisen will be the primary greeter at the Airport. His cellphone number is 575-418-5856, see his webpage.

    Then we will take people to the airport on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 17th and the morning of Wednesday, June 18th.

    The trip takes about 1 hour 15 minutes. Further information will be mailed to registered participants at the end of May, and will also be available on the School web site.

    Commercial Shuttle

    If you are unable take advantage of the free NRAO shuttles provided above then it is possible to arrange for transportation through American Transportation (formerly known as Socorro Taxi). The cost is approximately $70 one-way per person, and arrangements will be the responsibility of the traveler. Contact American Transportation directly (, or call, inside the US, the toll-free number 1-800-991-4276 or, outside the US, +1-575-835-4276). A credit card will be required, and reservations must be made well in advance. Albuquerque-based taxis will not usually agree to take passengers to Socorro, and if they do, they are extremely expensive.

    Within Socorro

    Note: We must have your hotel/motel information for you to use the NRAO transportation inside Socorro. Please fill out this form if you did not provide the info while registering.

    Shuttles will pick people up from the Super 8, Howard Johnsons, Econo Lodge and Best Western between 8:00 and 9:00 am each morning take them to Workman 101 (lecture days), or to the AOC (data reduction tutorial day, 13 June). These shuttles will be on a continuous round so just go out to the front of your hotel and wait. If you ware not staying in one of those motels/hotels we recommend walking to one of them and waiting there. On the day of the hike (14 June) and the VLA tour (15 June) buses will pick up as the hotels at specific times. These will be announced at the workshop.

    On lecture days buses will leave from Workman 101 at after the lectures to return to the motels. On the day of the Workshop dinner buses will return to the motels the after the dinner. Stay tuned for specific times.

    Last modified 2008 June 6.