The 25th New Mexico Symposium

Instructions for Speakers

The oral program is available here . The talks are scheduled for 12 minutes with an additional 3 minutes for questions.

We will have two laptops available for oral presentations: one Windows and one MacOSX. We will be able to handle the following formats: Power Point (Windows or Mac), PDF (Windows or Mac), Open Office (Mac), and Keynote (Mac).

The latest you can put your talk on the laptops is the break before your session. If you are speaking in the first session, please either upload (see below) your talk or arrive at 8:15am to load the talk yourself. The best bet is to bring your talk on a memory stick, if you are not ftping it here.

UPLOADING TALKS: You may wish to ftp your talk to us ahead of time. This is recommended if you have movies or other complications that might not work on a foreign machine or if your talk is in the first session. To upload your talk: (1) make sure your presentation is labeled with your name; (2) ftp to; (3) login as anonymous; (4) cd to incoming/nmsymposium; (5) upload your talk. Please upload your talks by 1pm, Thursday, 14 January if you want us to test them. This will give us time to get back to you if there are any problems.

HINTS FOR SUCCESS: be sure to save your presentation (Power point, for example) with embedded fonts and movies! (This hint comes from our friendly computer support staff, who hope to minimize problems and hassle-time.)

This page last updated on 2019 January 12 by Amy Mioduszewski.