19th Annual New Mexico Symposium Final Poster Program

3 October 2003

Please note: Available space for each poster = 4' (length) x 3' (wide)

1 Representations of distortions in FITS world coordinate systems Mark R. Calabretta (ATNF), Frank G. Valdes (NOAO), Eric W. Greisen (NRAO), Steve L. Allen, (UCO/Lick Observatory)
2 The N^2I^2: The New Mexico Tech and NRAO Instructional Interferometer Danielle Lucero (NMT) and Robyn Harrison (NRAO)
3 Mapping the Latitudinal Structure of the Heliosphere with Cometary Plasma Tails. J.C.Brandt, A.J.Burghard, S.Gregory (UNM), G.H.Jones(JPL), and E.Kias(UNM)
4 Surface Layer Turbulence Measurement P. Zimmer, J. McGraw, M. R. Ackermann (UNM)
5 Long Wavelength Observations of Venus Bryan Butler (NRAO) and Bob Sault (ATNF)
6 Refractive effects inside the atmospheres of cool white dwarfs Piotr Kowalski (Vanderbilt/LANL)
7 A Preliminary Observational Search for Circumbinary Disks Around Cataclysmic Variables K. E. Belle (LANL), N. Sanghi (U. Arizona), S. B. Howell (NOAO), and J. B. Holberg (U. Arizona)
8 VLA Observations of Accreting Millisecond X-ray Pulsars Amy J. Mioduszewski, Michael Rupen and Vivek Dhawan (NRAO)
9 Fabry-Perot Spectroscopy of NGC 5775 Heald, G. H. (UNM), Rand, R. J. (UNM), and Collins, J. A. (U of Colorado)
10 The Active Disk-Halo Interface of M 108 Tara Mowery (UNM/Queen's), Q. Daniel Wang (UMass) and Judith Irwin (Queen's)
11 High Resolution Radio Observations of GRB030329 G.B. Taylor, D.A. Frail (NRAO), E. Berger and S. Kulkarni (Caltech)
12 The End of an Era: Gamma-Ray Bursts Decoded John Middleditch (LANL)
13 VLBA observations of two OH megamaser galaxies Ylva Pihlstroem (NRAO)
14 Discovering Compact Symmetric Objects and Uses for them G.B. Taylor (NRAO) and A.B. Peck (SAO)
15 An Attempt to Probe the Radio Jet Collimation Regions in NGC 4278, NGC 4374 (M84), and NGC 6166 C. Ly (NRAO & U Arizona), R.C. Walker (NRAO), & J.M. Wrobel (NRAO)