18th Annual New Mexico Symposium Final Poster Program

1 November 2002

Please note: Available space for each poster = 4' (length) x 3' (wide)

Galaxies in the Near and Far Universe
1.1 Multi-Frequency Observations of LLAGN James M. Anderson (NRAO/NMT), James S. Ulvestad (NRAO), Luis C. Ho (Carnegie Observatories)
1.2 Radio Relics in Galaxy Clusters: The Case of Abell 13 Kristy Dyer (NRAO)
1.3 Particle Acceleration in the M87 Jet J. Eilek, (NM Tech), P. Hardee (U. Alabama), A. Lobanov, (MPIfR-Bonn)
1.4 Radio Continuum and Star Formation in Elliptical Gallaxies Danielle Lucero, Lisa Young (NMT)
1.5 HI absorption in GPS/CSS sources Ylva Pihlstroem (NRAO)
1.6 The AGN Content of the NOAO Deep Wide Field Survey T.A. Rector, J.M. Wrobel, G.B. Taylor & S.T. Myers (NRAO)
1.7 The Frequency of Circumnuclear Starbursts in Seyfert Galaxies: Testing the Starburst-AGN Connection Schinnerer (NRAO), Colbert (JHU), Armus (SSC), Scoville (Caltech)
1.8 The Orientation of Jets Relative to Dust Disks in Radio Galaxies Henrique Schmitt (NRAO)
1.9 VLBA Polarimetry of Radio Galaxies G.B. Taylor (NRAO), R.T. Zavala (NRAO/NMSU), and L.K. Pollack (NRAO/UCB)
1.10 VLBI Identification of the True Nucleus of NGC 4151 J.S. Ulvestad (NRAO), D.S. Wong (Cornell), G.B. Taylor (NRAO), C.G. Mundell (Liverpool John Moores Univ.), & J.F. Gallimore (Bucknell)
1.11 The Implications of Helical Patterns in 3C120 R. C. Walker (NRAO) & P. E. Hardee (University of Alabama)
1.12 An All-Sky Synoptic Survey using ROTSE-I P.R. Wozniak (1), C. Akerlof (2), D. Casperson (1), G. Gisler (1), R. Kehoe (2), B. Lee (2), S. Marshall (3), K.E. McGowan (1), T. McKay (2), E. Rykoff (2), D. Smith (2), W.T. Vestrand (1), J. Wren (1) where: (1) = LANL, (2) = Univ. of Michigan, (3) = LLNL
1.13 Filtering AGNs from Starbursts in Deep VLBA Fields J.M. Wrobel (NRAO), M.A. Garrett (JIVE), & R. Morganti (ASTRON/NFRA)
Components of the Milky Way
2.1 Spatially Resolved 74 MHz Absorption Toward the Supernova Remnant 3C 391 C. L. Brogan (NRAO), N. Kassim (NRL), J. Lazio (NRL), K. Dyer (NRAO), & C. Lacey (USC)
2.2 An Anomalous Dispersion Event in the Crab Pulsar Joseph Dickerson (NMT)
2.3 Nonlinear Thin Shell Instabilities in Molecular Clouds R.M. Hueckstaedt (LANL)
2.4 Dispersion, Scattering, and the Intrinsic Pulse Shape of Crab Pulsar Giant Pulses Jeff Kern, Tim Hankins (NMT)
2.5 XMM-Newton observations of SNR candidates in M31 S. Trudolyubov, W. Priedhorsky, K. Borozdin (LANL), K. Mason (MSSL), F. Cordova (UCR)
2.6 The Pulsar Radio Emission Mechanism Jim Weatherall (NMT)
Astronomy in our Solar System
3.1 Synergistic AEOS and MGS Observations of Mars M. Kahre, M Blackmon, N. Chanover, J. Murphy, and R. Beebe (NMSU) J. Africano and L. Roberts (The Boeing Company) Paul Kervin (Detachment 15, Air Force Research Laboratory)
3.2 Interrelationship between the dust and water cycles in the Martian atmosphere Steven Nelli & Jim Murphy NMSU
3.3 The Standard Solar Model Joyce A. Guzik, C. Neuforge, J. Keady, N. Magee, and P. Bradley (LANL)
Education and Public Outreach
4.1 The Challenge of Public Outreach...at Radio Wavelengths Robyn Harrison (NRAO)
4.2 Development of Internet Based Introductory Astronomy Courses George Heald (UNM), Neb Duric (UNM), Bob Friedberg (Dine College)
4.3 The NRAO-New Mexico Tech Instructional Interferometer D. Westpfahl (NMT), R. Harrison (NRAO), L. Young, D. Lucero, & D. Klinglesmith (NMT)
New Instruments in the South West
5.1 Apache Point Observatory's All-Sky Camera: Observing Clouds in the Thermal Infrared Kurt Anderson, Craig Loomis, & Stephanie Snedden (NMSU/Apache Point Observatory)
5.2 MRO site characterization results and plans Daniel A. Klinglesmith, Dale Neimeir, & Scott Teare, NMT
5.3 ISOON: A New Instrument for Research and Space Weather Specifications Donald F. Neidig, Philip H. Wiborg, Nathan Dalrymple, Joel Mozer (AFRL/VSBXS) Richard B. Dunn, Craig Gullixson (National Solar Observatory)
Information Storage and Processing
6.1 Representations of spectral coordinates in FITS Eric W Greisen (NRAO), Francisco G. Valdes (NOAO), Mark R. Calabretta (ATNF), & Steven L. Allen (UCO/Lick)
6.2 Information based Image Reconstruction Douglas Hope and Sudhakar Prasad (UNM)
6.3 The Measurement Equation: Summarizing a Practical and Unified Approach to Calibration of Radio Telescopes G. Moellenbrock (NRAO)