Finding the DSOC and the Macey Center in Socorro

  1. Make your way to Bullock Road:
    1. If you are coming from the north (all our reserved hotels):
      • The main street is California Avenue.
      • Travel south on California until you reach Bullock. This is the second stoplight from coming in from I-25. Bullock is just past the Taco Bell and just before the Kentucky Fried Chicken; if you pass Denny's or Pizza Hut, you've gone too far. Turn right (west) on Bullock.

  2. Traveling west on Bullock, stop at two stop signs (four-way stops). After the second, you will see the campus of New Mexico Tech on your left. (The second is Leroy Place, marked on the map below).

  3. Continue on Bullock after the second stop sign. After about a block, there is another stop sign (a three-way stop; this is at Lopezville Road, marked on the map below). Continue straight through the stop sign; the road curves to the left. As it does so you will see a sign on your right saying National Radio Astronomy Observatory and/or Array Operations Center. Turn into that parking lot -- it will be the first possible turn during the curve, on your right. The Macey Center is in front of you to the left (southwest) and the Domenici Science Operations Center is on your right (to the north). You may park anywhere close to the DSOC or the Macey Center, depending upon your destination.

  4. Here is a map that might be useful; it is somewhat out of date for the names of hotels, but the streets are the same. :)
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