Future Directions in High Resolution Astronomy:

A Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the VLBA

Oral Sessions

Monday, June 9, 2003

Session 1:  AGN Jets

Jim Ulvestad
Van Romero

Keynote Talk  [Invited]
Roger Blandford

AGN Jets  [Invited]
H. Falcke

Real vs Simulated Relativistic Jets  [Invited]
J-L. Gomez

Session 2:  AGN Jets, continued

The MOJAVE Program: Studying the Relativistic Kinematics of AGN Jets
Matthew Lister

Relationship between High-Frequency Emission and the Radio Jet in Blazars
Alan P. Marscher

Multi-Frequency VLBI Study of Cygnus A
U. Bach, T.P. Krichbaum, M. Kadler, E. Middelberg, W. Alef, A. Witzel, & J.A. Zensus

R. Craig Walker

Quasi-Periodicity in the Parsec-Scale Jet of the Quasar 3C345 - A High Resolution Study using VSOP and VLBA
J. Klare, A. Zensus, E. Ros, A.P. Lobanov, T.P. Krichbaum & A. Witzel

VLA and VLBA Observations of Bright High Frequency Peakers
Sara Tinti, Daniele Dallacasa, Carlo Stanghellini, Gianfranco De Zotti, & Annalisa Celotti

Milli-Jansky Radio Sources with Milli-Arcsecond Resolution Across the Redshift Space
L.I. Gurvits, S. Frey, L. Mosoni, S.T. Garrington, M.A. Garrett, & Z. Tsvetanov

Session 3:  AGN Jets, continued

Blazars (VLBA & GLAST)  [Invited]
G. Piner

Parsec-Scale Blazar Monitoring: Proper Motions and Flux and Polarization Variability
D.H. Roberts, J.F.C. Wardle, D.C. Homan, R. Ojha, H.D. Aller, M.F. Aller, & P.A. Hughes

Radio Observations of Nearby HST BL Lacs
M. Giroletti, G. Giovannini, & G.B. Taylor

The Ultra-Fast Quasar PKS 1510-089: Direct Evidence for a Changing Orientation of the Central Engine
John F.C. Wardle, Daniel C. Homan, C.C. Cheung, David H. Roberts

Polarization of AGN Jets  [Invited]
D. Homan

In Search of Evidence for Toroidal B Fields Associated with the Jets of AGN
Denise C. Gabuzda & Eamonn Murray

Session 4:  Micro QSOs, Binaries, SNRs, Pulsars, & GRBs

Microquasars  [Invited]
Marc Ribo

Jet Birth in Microquasar GRS~1915+105
V. Dhawan, M. Muno, & R. Remillard

Recent Results of VLBA Imaging of X-ray Binaries
A.J. Mioduszewski, V. Dhawan, & M.P. Rupen

Imaging of Radio Supernovae  [Invited]
Michael Bietenholz

Supernova Distances with the Expanding Shock-Front Method
N. Bartel & M.F. Bietenholz

High Resolution Radio Observations of GRB 030329
Greg Taylor, Dale Frail, Edo Berger, & Shri Kulkarni

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Session 5:  SMBH Accretion Disks & Their Environment

H2O Masers and Accretion Disks  [Invited]
L. Greenhill

Two Types of H2O Maser Disks in Active Galactic Nuclei
Naomasa Nakai, Aya Yamauchi, Naoko Sato, & Yuko Ishihara

The Atomic and Molecular Environment of AGNs  [Invited]
Alison B. Peck

The Location and Kinematics of HI Absorbing Gas in GPS and CSS Radio Galaxies
R.C. Vermeulen

Free-Free Absorption towards Active Galactic Nuclei
Seiji Kameno, Makoto Inoue, Kiyoaki Wajima, Satoko Sawada-Satoh, & Zhi-Qiang Shen

Proper Motion and Polarimetry in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 3079
E. Middelberg, T.P. Krichbaum, A.L. Roy, A. Witzel, & J.A. Zensus

Session 6:  [ POSTER VIEWING ]


Session 7:  OH Megamasers, Sgr A*

Parsec Scale Rotation Measures in AGN
Robert Zavala & Greg Taylor

OH Megamasers  [Invited]
Jeremy Darling

High Resolution Observations of OH Megamaser Galaxies
Ylva Pihlstroem

Supernovae and Masers in Arp 220: Pushing the Limits of VLBI Sensitivity
Phil Diamond, Colin J. Lonsdale, Harding E. Smith, & Carol J. Lonsdale

Imaging the Event Horizon of a Massive Black Hole: Past, Present and Future VLBI of Sagittarius A*  [Invited]
Geoffrey C. Bower

VLBA Observations of an Intraday Radio Variation of SgrA*
Makoto Miyoshi, Hiroshi Imai, Jun-ichi Nakashima, Shuji Deguchi, & Zhi-Qiang Shen

Session 8:  Masers: Star Formation & SNRs

Masers and Massive Star Formation  [Invited]
Claire J. Chandler

Probing Jet and Disk Winds toward Low-Mass Protostars
M.J. Claussen, H.A. Wootten, K.B. Marvel, R.S. Furuya, & B.A. Wilking

Full Polarization VLBA Maps of OH Masers Around Ultracompact H II Regions
V. Fish, M. Reid, A. Argon, & K. Menten

OH (1720 MHz) Masers Associated with Supernova Remnants  [Invited]
C.L. Brogan, I.M. Hoffman, & M.J. Claussen

The Extended Methanol Maser Emission in W51
Chris Phillips, Huib Jan van Langevelde, Simon Ellingsen, & Jim Caswell

VLBA+Y27 Images of the Formaldehyde Masers in NGC~7538 and G29.96-0.02
Ian M. Hoffman, W.M. Goss, & Patrick Palmer

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Session 9:  Masers: Red Giant Stars

VLBI Studies of Circumstellar Masers  [Invited]
David A. Boboltz

IR and SiO Maser Observations of Miras
W. D. Cotton et al.

The Near-Circumstellar Environment of TX CAM
A. J. Kemball P. J. Diamond, & Y. Gonidakis

Multi-Transition VLBA Observations of Circumstellar SiO Masers
R. Soria-Ruiz, et al.

Joint VLTI/VLBA Observations of Mira Stars
Markus Wittkowski & David A. Boboltz

Circular Polarization of Circumstellar Water Masers
W.H.T. Vlemmings, P.J. Diamond, & H.J. van Langevelde

A Birth and Growth of a Collimated Molecular Jet from an AGB Star
Hiroshi Imai & Philip J. Diamond

Session 10:  Scattering, IDVs, & Gravitational Lensing

Galactic Interstellar Scattering  [Invited]
T. Joseph W. Lazio

Magnetic Fields, Rotation Measures, and Polarization of BL Lac Objects
R. Mutel

Intra-Day Variability  [Invited]
L. Kedziora-Chudczer

Gravitational Lenses  [Invited]
Andy Biggs

Probing the Solar Corona with the VLBA
Peter Kortenkamp

Session 11:  [ POSTER VIEWING ]


Session 12:  Astrometry

High-Precision Differential Astrometry  [Invited]
Eduardo Ros

Phase Referencing using More than One Calibrator
E.B. Fomalont

The Proper Motion of Sgr A*
Mark Reid & Andreas Brunthaler

Proper Motions in the Local Group
A. Brunthaler, H. Falcke, C. Henkel, M.J. Reid, & L.J. Greenhill

Quasar Apparent Proper Motion Observed by VLBI Geodetic Networks
Dan MacMillan

Annual Parallax Measurements of Mira-type Variables with Phase-Referencing VLBI Observation
Tomoharu Kurayama, Hideyuki Kobayashi, & Tetsuo Sasao

Recent Progress on a New Geometric Distance Measurement to NGC 4258
Liz Humphreys, Alice Argon, Lincoln Greenhill, Jim Moran, & Mark Reid

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Session 13:  Astrometry & Geodesy

Pulsar Astrometry with the VLBA  [Invited]
Walter F. Brisken

VLBI Imaging and Astrometry of the Gravity Probe-B Guide Star HR 8703
R.R. Ransom, et al.

Using the VLBA for Geodesy and Astrometry
David Gordon

Contribution of the VLBA Network to Geodynamics
Leonid Petrov

Session 14:  New Radio Telescopes & Future Projects

The VERA Project  [Invited]
H. Kobayashi

LOFAR  [Invited]
C. Lonsdale

The North American Array: EVLA/NMA/VLBA  [Invited]
M. Rupen

High Resolution Observations with the SKA  [Invited]
C. Carilli

VLBA Observations for Spacecraft Navigation
J.D. Romney, J.M. Benson, V. Dhawan, & R.C. Walker

VSOP Mission Results and Future Space-VLBI Mission Studies at ISAS
H. Hirabayashi

Session 15:  New VLBI Technologies

High-speed Sampling and Digital Filtering  [Invited]
R. Ferris

New Technologies for Future VLBI Correlators  [Invited]
Brent Carlson

Disk-Based VLBI Recording  [Invited]
Alan R. Whitney

eVLBI  [Invited]
Simon Garrington

21st Century VLBI
M.A. Garrett, J.M. Wrobel, & R. Morganti

Session 16:  Science Across the EM Spectrum

Long Baseline Stellar Interferometry  [Invited]
C. Haniff

High Resolution with Large Ground-Based Optical/IR Telescopes [Invited]
Markus Wittkowski

X-ray Interferometry  [Invited]
Webster Cash

Closing Talk: The Future of High Resolution Astronomy  [Invited]
Shri Kulkarni


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