EVLA/VLBA Proposal Selection Committee Meeting

    Perform triage on very highly rated or poorly rated proposals
    Discuss large proposals
    Discuss regular proposals by referee category, starting with a category's EVLA proposals then its VLBA proposals
    Recommend proposals for approval or rejection, strongly guided by median and consistency of normalized referee ratings
    Proposals, particularly those requiring coordination with other facilities, may be recommended for fixed-date observing. Such actions are rare. Possibly adjust recommended time and/or targets per proposal. (For Global VLBI proposals, only pass on a rating.)
    Proposals may be recommended, at some priority, for insertion into the EVLA or VLBA dynamic scheduling queues. Such actions are common. Possibly adjust recommended time and/or targets per proposal. EVLA priorities range from 0 (highest) to 9 (lowest). VLBA priorities range from 1 (highest) to 3 (lowest).
    Compare proposals at same dynamic priority, ensuring uniformity. Possibly shuffle some proposals to higher or lower priorities.
    For EVLA, examine plots of pressure on dynamic time as a function of LST for principal, hybrid and move configurations. Assess over(under)subscriptions as function of LST. Possibly re-visit rejects to remedy undersubscriptions then revise plots.
    For VLBA, examine number of recommended hours. Assess over(under)subscription. Possibly re-visit rejects to remedy undersubscriptions.
    Produce list of recommended proposals to forward to Director's review. At the Committee's discretion, a small number of recommended proposals may be nominated for designation as Key Science Projects.
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