Current EVLA/VLBA Referee Categories

    Code Category
    AP Astrometry & Propagation: Astrometry, geodesy, calibrators, IDVs
    PLN Planetary: Planets, comets, radar experiments, other Solar system (shared with GBT)
    STL1 Stellar 1: AGB & post-AGB stars, PNe, main sequence stars, supergiant stars, flare stars, stellar winds, Sun
    STL2 Stellar 2: X-ray binaries, SGRs, SNe, novae, GRB physics
    PUL Pulsars: Pulsars (shared with GBT)
    ISC Interstellar Medium (Compact): YSOs, protostars, compact HII objects, jets, outflows, T Tauri stars, circumstellar disks
    ISD Interstellar Medium (Diffuse): Galactic OH & HI, Zeeman observations, SNRs, HII regions
    EGS Extragalactic Structure: Galaxy structure, galaxy kinematics, galaxy dynamics, HI in galaxies
    EGE Extragalactic Environments: Clusters, groups, effect of environment on radio galaxies (& vice versa), magnetic fields outside galaxies
    NGA Normal Galaxies: Disk emission, star formation, magnetic fields, galactic winds, starbursts, ULIRGs
    AGN Active Galactic Nuclei: Seyferts, low-luminosity AGN, H2O megamasers, CSOs, radio galaxies, blazars, quasars
    HIZ High-redshift & source surveys: High-z objects, extragalactic source surveys, galaxy formation, gravitational lenses, cosmic background radiation, early Universe, GRBs as probes of early Universe
Note: The same referees assess both EVLA and VLBA proposals. Categories generally involve 4 referees, except ISC and AGN are spread among 8 referees. Page maintained by schedsoc

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