NRAO AOC Colloquium Series: Fall 2000

Colloquia are held in the auditorium of the Array Operations Center in Socorro, New Mexico. All are welcome, but the talks generally assume a good grounding in research astronomy.

Talks are usually scheduled for 11am local time on Fridays; those which are not are indicated in red.

Upcoming Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2000

Tue, 11:00am
Speaker: Chris Fassnacht (NRAO)
Time Delays and H_0 in CLASS B1608+656
Host: Chris Fassnacht
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Gary Bower (NOAO/KPNO)
Supermassive Black Holes in the Centers of Galaxies
Host: J.Ulvestad
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Leon Koopmans (Caltech)
Microlensing in Macro Lenses: VLA observations of B1600+434
Host: S. Myers
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Eric Agol (JHU)
The Galactic Center Black Hole
Host: S. Myers
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Roger Linfield (JPL)
WVR-based Tropospheric Calibration at JPL
Host: J.Ulvestad
Fri, 11:00am
Speaker: Fang Li-Zhi (U. Arizona)
Studying clustering with unclustered samples
Host: M.Goss
Wed, 11:00am
Speaker: John Stocke (U. Colorado)
Host: J. Ulvestad

If you would like to talk with the speaker, send email to the local host. If you are the speaker, and need to talk to someone, try either your local host or one of the current colloquium chairs. We are always on the lookout for suggestions for future speakers.

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